Claims Policy

Our goal is to consistently provide perfect transport services for our customers.

Unfortunately, for a very small percentage of orders, this is not always the case. This is where our Customer Support can help. We will represent you in all dealings with the chosen Courier. We are on your side! For fast and successful claims, please fill in the Claims Form.

This Claims Policy complements the general Terms and Conditions of Skyparcel’s service, operated by Skyparcel Pty Ltd. All highlighted terms listed in the Claims Policy have meanings as set forth in the Terms and Conditions.

  1. Important Provisions
    • Complaints may be claimed on the condition that the Client has provided the Carrier with a parcel that meets the packaging conditions as per the general Terms and Conditions. If the package is not sufficiently packed according to the conditions as mentioned, we reserve the right to refuse the shipment and to also refuse to submit a complaint according to the complaints procedure. We recommend that you follow the packaging instructions correctly.
    • Packages labelled as "Fragile" are handled very carefully and cautiously by the Carrier but this does not increase the Carrier’s liability for any damage to the shipment. The Client is obliged to package shipments in a manner that is adequate to transportation conditions and the Carrier guarantees that the contents of the package remains undamaged.
    • The Client must use the appropriate packaging to support the parcel contents. No claims for damages will be considered if the package was damaged during transportation, but was also insufficiently packaged. Damage to Consignments cannot be claimed for, if packed only in foil or cling wrap.
    • Compensation for damages is not possible when damage occurs to enamelled or painted surfaces (i.e. peeling, scratches, abrasions). For shipments with fragile contents (glass, porcelain, bottles, injections, infusions, etc.), the Carrier will not be liable for any damage claims if the package has been damaged (even if any part of the contents have been damaged in any manner).
    • Carriers accept responsibility only for actual, direct damages and therefore any consequential damages are excluded. Damage liability does not apply to "profit lost".
    • In the event of a gross breach of the Terms and Conditions (such as sending goods that are on the Prohibited List), if insufficient consignment packaging subsequently leads to any damages to other consignments or to the property of the Provider or the Carrier, the Provider reserves the right to claim from the Sender, all compensation for the damages caused.
    • You cannot claim for a delayed pick-up or a delayed delivery of a shipment. You cannot claim for a shipment if the Addressee refuses to accept the consignment or the Addressee has not been contacted at the address.
  2. Claims Process
    • The complaints procedure is based on the general terms-and-conditions
    • Claims against a Carrier are exclusively applied for by the Payer (the Client and the payer of the transport) in writing. Complaints must be submitted via email to or by submitting the consignment details on the Claim Form.
    • After reporting a complaint in writing, we will confirm the receipt of the claim and ask for the necessary documents to be processed. We send the statement with the result of the complaint to the Payer’s email address.
    • Obvious violations or damage to the packaging must be recorded immediately upon delivery of the Consignment. The damage or partial loss of the contents of the Consignment must be written in the damage registratio sectionn on the shipper form
    • The damage registration is not a claim for damages.
    • Claims for damages that are not apparent upon delivery must be made within three (3) working days after the delivery of the package, failing which, the claim period for damages shall expire.
    • In the event of a claim for damages for a lost shipment, the Payer is obliged to inform the Provider about the loss of the shipment within ten (10) calendar days from the expected delivery date (as per the current service and price lists).
    • Other claims are subject to a thirty (30)-day limitation period.
    • Claims not completed and for which complaint documentation is not received within ten (10) business days of receipt by the Provider, will be discontinued and cannot be reapplied for.
    • 10. We will settle the complaint with the Courier Company as soon as possible, but no later than thirty (30) days after receiving all necessary documentation.
    • 11. If the basis for determining the value of the damaged or missing contents of the Consignment, is an invoice in a foreign currency, the amount on this invoice shall be recalculated, according to the exchange rate as announced by the South African Reserve Bank, valid on the first working day of the month in which the Consignment was accepted for carriage.
    • A written appeal may be lodged against a rejection of a claim, which shall be reviewed within thirty (30) days.
  3. Documents Required for Claims Submissions
    1. 1. Damaged or partially lost shipments:
      1. The Payer’s completed claim form for damages (to be sent to skyparcel’s Customer Support).
      2. Accompanying documents (i.e. invoice, packing slip), indicating the damaged items and the number of damaged items.
      3. Proof of Purchase Cost (i.e. purchase invoice, a declaration of honour with production quantity or purchase costs) without profit margins and without VAT (in the case of damages, also cost of repair or quantized discount from the sales price).
      4. Photographic documentation of the shipping container, packaging, lining, damaged contents and label.
      5. A copy of the Damage Record (if it has been issued) and any confirmation that the package was showing signs of external damage upon delivery.
      6. Service or other persons who performed the repair of the Shipment if the Shipment was repaired after the damage event or if circumstances of the case if so require.
    2. Lost Shipments
      1. The Payer’s completed claim form for damages (to be sent to skyparcel’s Customer Support).
      2. Documents accompanying the Shipment (i.e. invoice, packing slip).
      3. Proof of Purchase cost (i.e. purchase invoice, a declaration of honour with production quantity or purchase costs) without profit margins and without VAT.
      4. If the consignment has not entered the Courier system, a copy of the delivery receipt issued by the Courier upon collection of the parcel from the Sender.
      5. In the case of delivery of the package to the wrong address or non-delivery, the Addressee's declaration of acceptance confirmed by signature that the consignment has not been delivered to the correct address. The affidavit must contain, the tracking number of the Shipment and the Addressee’s first name and surname and the delivery address for the Shipment.
  4. Accepted Claims
    1. The Claimant issues an invoice in the amount of the recognised claim to the Provider.
    2. The Client is the only legitimate owner of the consignment, therefore the compensation will be credited to the Client's bank account. The Provider is liable only to the Client when executing of complaints.
    3. In the case of a recognised claim where the Claimant, does not supply the proof of purchase price, the compensation will be done at a maximum of eighty percent (80%) of the sales value of the goods (excluding VAT).
    4. For entrepreneurs, the VAT payer for the damage invoice is:
      1. Damaged Shipments: Compensations paid for damaged consignments are subjected to tax within the meaning of the Value Added Tax Act. Damages are calculated with VAT and the invoice for returning the goods back to their original state from the authorized service, repair shop, etc. is documented.
      2. Lost Shipments: Compensations paid for lost shipments are not subject to tax within the meaning of the Value Added Tax Act. AS there was no delivery of goods, no taxable supply was made and therefore the invoicing of the damages will be zero-rated (at zero percent [0%] VAT).